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977 While doing Ghusl (after Haiz) I felt that I passed urine though I wasn't sure (I suffer waswas a lot), so after Ghusl I decided to do Wudhu again as I thought I might of passed urine, so by that time my body got more than partially dried and I had to repeat whole Ghusl all over again. It took me 2 hrs. Was it okay what I did?
Waswasa’s are from Shaitaan (devil).

To safeguard yourself from Waswasa recite: Thaooz (A’oozu Bil-Laahi Minash Shaietaa nir-Rajeem) with regularity. However this in no way means you recite in the places that are forbidden i.e. bathroom etc

As for the completion of your Ghusl, if you had simply performed the Three Fard (Compulsory acts) of Ghusl, your Ghusl would have been complete. There was no need to go through all that you had gone through.

The Three Fard Being:

1. To rinse the mouth in such a manner that water reaches the entire mouth.
2. To rinse the nostrils thoroughly.
3. To completely wet the whole body.

(Answered by: Hafiz Mohammed Akhtar)
Category (Wuzu / Ghusl)