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978 I already know that the proper beard in Islam is beard that is a fist long what if you cut it a little shorter and are you allowed to trim the sides of your face but let it grow below your chin.
Keeping the beard to the amount of a fistful is proven from the Holy Quran as the practice of the previous Prophets. When Musa (A.S) went to the Mountain, he left Harun(A.S) in charge. He returned to find his people began worshipping the calf. He displayed some anger towards Harun (A.S) as a result and grabbed his beard.

As the Quran says, Harun (A.S) replied,

He said: "O son of my mother! Grab (me) not by my beard, nor by my head! (20;94)

The scholars state that clearly, his beard must have been at least a fistful amount for Musa(A.S) to be able to grab it.

Overall, the beard should be left to grow naturally, and when this is allowed to happen, the beard will not grow disproportionately from the sides or from the chin. A person is allowed to trim the beard when it grows more than a fistful from the chin. Some young Muslims keep the beard extremely short from the sides and allow it to grow from the chin; this is not encouraged and is not the Sunnah method.

(Answered by: Alims at Islamic Centre, Leicester, UK.)
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