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990 I had a bad dream about someone close on the night of Shab e Miraaj. Is that a bad sign? What am I supposed to do?
Having a bad dream on the night of Laila Miraj is not necessarily a bad sign.

The Prophet (S.A.W) said, ‘the nice dream is from Allah. So when you see [in your dream] that which you love, then do not tell except those who you love. And when you see something you dislike, then seek refuge from the Shaitan from its evil, and spit three times. And do not tell anyone, for verily it will not harm him.’

(Al-Bukhari, Book of Interpretations, 6522)

When we see a bad dream, we should recite Ta’awwuz, namely A’uzu Billahe mina as-Shaytain ar-Rajim. Then we should symbolically spit (i.e. Dry spit) over our left shoulders three times.

Finally, the Prophet (S.A.W) told us not to disclose the contents to anyone.

(Answered by: Alims at Islamic Centre, Leicester, UK.)
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