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998 Is claiming benefits Halal? For example Job Seekers Allowance etc...
Benefit such as Job Seekers Allowance, are set up by the government in order to help individual along with their day to day expenses whilst they are going through a bad patch, where they are in between jobs or simply trying to find a job.

There is no problem in receiving these benefits providing you genuinely fulfil the criteria and no deception is involved. If however this is done under false pretences then surely you will be sinful.

It is important to remember that if work is available, then one should earn a Halal earning from it. The Holy Prophet (S.A.W) always emphasized the virtue of working to earn one’s living. He (S.A.W) seized every opportunity to make this principle well understood by all people.

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(Answered by: Hafiz Mohammed Akhtar)
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