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No. Question
10 If you are fasting and someone walks past you smoking a cigarette, does your fast break if you breathe in the smoke?
Category (Ramadan / Fasting)
9 Why cannot men wear gold? I need to explain this to a Christian so can I have the answer in simple language.
Category (Men)
8 Please could you tell me why Muslim men are not allowed to wear gold items?
Category (Men)
7 Are Barelvies part of Ahle Sunnat Wal Jamaat and what Madhab do they prescribe? (i.e.: Hanafi, Shafi etc.)
Category (Ahle Sunnat Wal Jammat)
6 I have seen some people miss out the first 2 Nafl in the Isha prayer. Is this allowed?
Category (Namaz)
5 Is it Sunnat to perform the Salaat-us-Salaam?
Category (Salat us Salam)
4 Why doesnt everyone follow Saudi Arabia when starting Ramadan Shareef?
Category (Ramadan / Fasting)
3 Is there a time limit for a mother to breast feed her child? (i.e. to what age does she breast feed the child till?)
Category (Women)
2 During The month of Ramadan are our sins forgiven?
Category (Sin / Forgiveness / Repentance)
1 If a woman is divorced by her husband, how long does she need to wait before remarrying?
Category (Marriage / Divorce)

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