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Ramadan 2014

High Stakes

Gambling has unfortunately become an acceptable practise in Muslim society due to its wide scale promotion by the media. If one looks at the areas where a large population of Muslims reside, one would notice a grave pattern emerging. More and more betting shops have opened their doors to the public whereas legitimate businesses have dwindled.

It becomes frightening to see our Muslims brothers from all walks of life enter such betting places. We find the young and old, some so called devout Muslims with beards; even certain leaders of our communities indulge in this forbidden act.

Gambling is a process in which a sum of money is deposited with the greed of possibly attaining a much greater sum. It is very much appealing to the heart; hence it becomes very hard to even want to believe that it is Haraam. Gambling includes games such as lottery, scratch cards, football pools, horse races, raffles etc.

The Holy Quran has stated "O believer! Wine and gambling and idols mounted (for worship) and divining arrows (for seeking luck-all) are filthy works of Satan. So turn away from them (completely) so that you may prosper. Satan seeks only to breed enmity and spite amongst you by means of wine and gambling, and hinder you from remembering Allah and observing Prayer. Will you abstain (from these evil – generating temptation)?" [Translation taken from Irfan ul Quran, Surah Al Maida, Ayah 90-91, Page186/7]

Alcohol, gambling and games of chance lay the seeds of hatred and hostility between human beings. These habits distract a person from their obligatory duties such as Salah and the remembrance of Allah (S.W.T). It is evident that these are satanic acts and causes nothing but destruction. It should be avoided at all cost.

The best way to succeed in this life and hereafter is to have complete trust in Allah (S.W.T) and follow Holy Prophet (S.A.W)’s teachings. We need to avoid gambling like the plague. It is important to remember that Muslims, who want to repent from this sin and avoid it, need to be realistic to the fact that it would not be easy but the rewards gained to leave such a path would be fruitful in this world and hereafter.

May Allah (S.W.T) with the waseela of his beloved Prophet (S.A.W) protect us all from this destructive disease. (Ameen)