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Ramadan 2014

One Foot in the Grave

One of the greatest forms of deception is the assumption that we will be given a long life. We assume that we have ample time to repent, get serious about our religion and to restore broken relationships. Such thinking is dangerous as tomorrow is promised to no one. Obsession with this world and the indulgence of its delights obscure us to take time to consider the stern reality of death.

Allah (S.W.T) states in the Holy Quran “Every soul is going to taste death. And your full recompense will be paid back only on the Day of Resurrection.......” (Irfan-ul-Quran, Surah Al-Imran (3), Ayah 185)

The source of the heart’s corruption is failing to take account of the soul and being deceived by Shaitaan. Therefore, if you want to rectify your heart, then you must take the time to question your desires and thoughts. Engage in those things that are strictly undertaken for the pleasure of Allah (S.W.T) and leave everything else. Help yourself to overcome the expectations of long life by constantly remembering death.

Holy Prophet (S.A.W) was once going past a group of people who were laughing loudly, the Prophet (S.A.W) said, “O people! Talk about those things in your gathering which remove desires’, they asked, ‘What is this?’ the Prophet (S.A.W) said ‘That is death’”

The remembrance of death is one of the greatest sources of rectification for a sinful heart. It is extremely difficult to remain spiritually sober if one does not remember death frequently. Despite that, many people are in utter denial concerning death, they try to deny it in a number of ways; some do it through the quest for eternal youth, some do it through greed, and some do it through their quest for power.

Allah (S.W.T) mentions in the Holy Quran, “Say: ‘The death from which you are fleeing is bound to catch up with you. Then you will be returned to Him (the Lord) Who knows the unseen and the seen. So He will inform you of what you used to do.’” (Irfan-ul-Quran, Surah Jumu’a (62), Ayah 8)

We are so engulfed by worldly distractions that we don’t sit back for a while and reflect. Many people lose sight of reality, and they only realise it when their time is up. We need to realise that life is too short. We already have one foot in the grave. We should be mindful of the fact that there is no running away from death. It is imperative that we all repent before it is too late.