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Ramadan 2014

You Choose Your Drink

In the current climate there are many dilemmas faced by Muslims. One such dilemma is the consumption of alcohol. Unfortunately many Muslims have been caught up in this soul destroying culture.

As well as participating in this sin, some people go one step further and boast about what they are doing, considering it to be a status lifting act. In fact not only they are disobeying the commands of Allah (S.W.T) and going against the teachings of the Prophet (S.A.W) but they are also showing proudness whilst being disobedient. .

Furthermore there is another group within our society who consider the consumption of alcohol acceptable for medical purposes. This thinking is totally false. They are trying to merely justify a forbidden act.

Any drink that causes drunkenness is prohibited in Islam regardless of what it is made from and regardless of the quantity. What does Islam say about Alcohol (intoxicant)?

The Holy Quran has stated "O believer! Wine and gambling and idols mounted (for worship) and divining arrows (for seeking luck-all) are filthy works of Satan. So turn away from them (completely) so that you may prosper. "(Translation taken from Irfan ul Quran, Surah Al Maida, Ayah 90, Page186)

This Quranic Ayah clearly mentions "O believers" hence referring to Muslims. It is therefore imperative for all Muslims to listen and take heed from this Ayah. Allah (S.W.T) has stated that alcohol should be avoided in order for one to reap benefits in this world and hereafter.

It is further mentioned in AHadith narrated in Musnad Abu Da'ood Shareef that: "Allah (S.W.T) has made for every illness a cure, but never get your cure by things prohibited."

In another AHadith Shareef that the Prophet (S.A.W) has said, “Whoever drinks wine, his prayer is not accepted from him for 40 days. If he repents, Allah forgives him…” [Tirmidhi]

This should be a wakeup call to all Muslims who have been engulfed in this vile act. Remember Allah (S.W.T) is All Forgiving, All Merciful. May Allah (S.W.T) give us the ability to sincerely repent and stay away from such poison. (Ameen)