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Ramadan 2014

Walking the Fence

Our society has fallen into many pitfalls which are resulting in endless problems, socially, mentally, and at times physically. One of the common ills found is that we shy away from standing for the truth at any cost.

We often walk the fence, even on trivial thing. Unfortunately, when it comes to standing for the truth, we try to weigh out all the personal benefits before giving our decisions. We always try to analyse the situation by seeing; who is saying what, what status he has in society, what caste he is from, how much political power he has. We do this just simply not to rock the boat, or to keep face in society.

Our beloved Prophet (S.W.T) taught the blessed Sahabahs (R.A) to have best of characters. They are the perfect role models for Muslims today. They had all the qualities such as Honesty, Piety, Justice and Love of Truth. They also possessed extraordinary knowledge and wisdom and always stood for the truth.

In doing so, many were punished in the hands of their evil non-Muslim masters. Many also gave their lives for this cause. They were very brave, straight-talking, and uncompromising in Islamic principles.

If we step back into history and see the practises of the blessed Sahabah Ikraam (R.A), there are countless examples in which we can learn from. We only need to look at the events which took place of the battle of Badr (first battle in Islam), when the blessed Sahabah (R.A) showed the true love for Allah (S.W.T) and Rasool (S.A.W), by standing up for the right.

They sacrificed everything in the cause of Islam, many fought against their own blood (fathers, brothers, and sons), castes, tribes etc. Their actions teach us that in order to obtain the best of character; we must be true believers, make decisive decisions which are in accordance with Islam. To always stand for the right, never look at personal gain, and most importantly not to walk the fence.

If we start to adopt truthfulness and straight-taking in our personal lives, we would see a more perfect and harmonious society. We would see no feuds between families over petty things.

If we all gained inner strength to stand up against wrongdoings, regardless of the consequences, and put whole trust in Allah (S.W.T), we will see many fruitful bounties. Our generations to come would also reap the rewards we sow today. May Allah (S.W.T) with the waseela of his Rasool (S.A.W) give us the ability to change ourselves and become true practising Muslims. (Ameen).