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Ramadan 2014

Mosque or Social Club?

Islam made the Masjid (Mosque) the heartbeat of the Muslim society. Mosques are built with the purpose of providing a place for worship, where Muslims can attend and peacefully pray Salah, recite the Holy Quran or to learn the beautiful religion of Islam.

The Mosque is referred to as the house of Allah (S.W.T), which is dedicated for purpose of Zikr of Allah (S.W.T). Even though the Mosques, through Islamic history have been a point of bringing people together. New developments have taken the shape of Maddrassa’s, Islamic centres or educational institutes, where the Mosque is part of the wider institution. Our focus here is the use of the Mosque itself, rather than the diverse institutions.

Unfortunately these days, as soon as the congregational Salah (Jamaah) finishes and people get ready for the additional Salah (Sunnahs/ Nafils), we see people involved in worldly gossip. The intension when coming to the Mosque is to perform those actions which will earn blessing and reward from Allah (S.W.T); yet we come to see worldly actions being performed without thought or remorse, leading to sin rather than reward.

Holy Prophet (S.A.W) said, “There will come a nation before the times, their talk in their Masjid will be of the dunya; Allah (S.W.T) has nothing to do with such people.”

It is also mentioned in another AHadith that when someone begins talking about worldly affairs in the mosque, the angels say to him: “O friend of Allah! Be quiet!” and if he talks again, they say: “Oh enemy of Allah! Be quiet!” and if he again starts talking, they say: “Allah's curse be upon you! Hold your tongue!”

Mosques demand utmost respect and must not be treated as Social Clubs. We must establish what is allowed in a Mosque and more importantly what are the Adaab (respects) of the Mosque. When coming to the Mosque we must adhere to its etiquettes. Some of these are listed below;

Enter the Mosque with the right foot first; Give Salam to the people when entering; Avoid everything that has an offensive smell like garlic, onion, or smoking; Wear clean clothes and socks when coming to the Mosque; Keep mosque clean and tidy; Idle gossips and raising voices must be avoided.

While at the Mosque we need to be mindful that this is the House of Allah (S.W.T) and we must adhere to all of it rights.