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Ramadan 2014

Time to Wrap Up

The matter of covering of oneself is taken too lightly by many Muslims, both men and women. As shame (Hayaah) is a part of faith of a believer, it is therefore required to be practiced even more in order to protect the society at large.

Unfortunately Muslims have fallen in the trap of the fashion culture. The Western culture encourages the exposure and exhibition of the body regarding it as an art and the tool to divert the mind towards shameful acts.

Public displays, especially of female bodies are considered artistic developments. Careers like modelling, acting, singing and dancing are shortcuts for women to become famous and rich. They design clothes for fashion, which hints at the femininity of the woman and emphasises her figure, in other words, a woman should be dressed to kill. Perfume and makeup should be her constant companions. She is dolled up to attract the attention of the people around her so that she can be noticed, admired and desired.

In Islam it is obligation for a woman to cover herself adequately and her bodily shape (Aura) should not be apparent to the Ghair Mehram (Marriageable Men). Muslim women must be covered properly and not wear tight and revealing clothing.

Muslim women are permitted to wear jeans as long as they are not figure-hugging and tight. Islam does not place restrictions on what type of clothing is allowed but how they are worn. On this basis, a traditional Salwaar Kameez can also be forbidden in Islam, if it is transparent or too tight.

The covering of woman’s body is a command of Allah (S.W.T). The Hijab is to cover the head hair, neck, ears and chest. The purpose of it is to conceal the beauty of women and to save her from the gazing eye.

Islam does not merely order women to cover their heads with the Hijab. More importantly, it teaches them to show real decency and honour in the rest of their clothing and in their behaviour. Respectable mannerism must be coupled with wearing the Hijab. Therefore, covering the head, only to wear tight, revealing clothing is totally against the teachings of our religion.

It has been mentioned that the Angels curse those women who keep their hair uncovered. A woman should not expose a single hair to an outsider.

It is also compulsory for a woman to wear clothes (upper garment) with full sleeves. Wearing of half sleeve garments is Haraam (unlawful) and a major sin. Also the clothes should not be so thin, that the contours of the body could be seen. Our Beloved Prophet (S.A.W) has said, “Women who wear such dress will be raised naked on the Day of Resurrection”.

From this we can learn and understand the importance of properly covering. May Allah (S.W.T) give us the ability to follow the true teaching of our beloved Prophet (S.A.W), and to protect ourselves for the evils of Shaitaan, the cursed.