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Ramadan 2014


Amongst many ills in our society, stealing has spread like wildfire and its affect have started to cripple many communities. Unfortunately we are seeing the affects of this in many aspects of our lives, from no blessings in our earnings, becoming more selfish and self centred, to having our children becoming more uncontrollable and disrespectful.

Handling stolen goods has also become very common, to which little or no attention is paid. We have started to accept this to be a norm and as part of our society.

So why has this disease engulfed our society? The answer is quite simple; it is the desire to have all the worldly luxuries at any cost. When purchasing items, such as clothing, footwear, mobile phones, sky boxes, power tools etc, we often fall in the temptations of buying stolen goods. Our thought process is usually based around the mere materialistic savings and to keep up with the Joneses. If we can’t afford it we will look at alternate options.

Unfortunately at times even our family and friends approve or even encourage the handling of stolen goods. We forget the bigger picture and not see the real cost of losing the blessings in our earnings and the consequences of going against the command of Allah (S.W.T).

In reality stealing is one of the root causes of our downfalls, as it opens the doors for this evil disease spreading, ultimately destroying the community at large.

In these difficult financial times; at times it is hard to get by, but there is no need to take the easy option, and ultimately pay dearly later. We always need to be thankful to Allah (S.W.T) for what we are blessed with.

Remember, if we look at those who are less fortunate than us, instead of those who are more fortunate, we will be grateful of all the blessings we have, ultimately becoming content with our lives.

In order to eradicate these ills and problems from our lives, we need follow the Sunnahs of the beloved Prophet (S.A.W). The blessed lives of the Sahabahs (R.A) teach us how to practice the Sunnahs in their true manner, and how to build a perfect Islamic community. These great personalities chose to struggle rather than to deceive or take property of others.

May Allah (S.W.T) give us all the ability to stay away from the harms of stealing and handling stolen goods. May Allah (S.W.T) give us strength to earn Halal and be thankful for all the blessings we have, and most importantly live our lives according to the teachings of our beloved Prophet (S.A.W).