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Ramadan 2014


The Muslim dress code may sound trivial to some, however Shariah defines it’s moral, social and legal dimensions. In Islam, both men and women are expected to dress simply, modestly and with dignity. The requirements for modest dress differ between the sexes due to fundamental biological distinctions and causes of attraction.

The absolute minimum for Muslims is to cover their Aura (intimate parts). It has been agreed amongst jurists on the basis of the Quran and Sunnah that Aura for the woman is defined as the whole body except for the hands, face and feet. For men, the Aura is defined as the area between the navel and knees.

The dress must be loose enough so as not to distinguish the shape of a woman's body. It should not be transparent that it reveals the colour of the skin it covers, or the shape of the body which it is supposed to hide. Clothing should not be designed in a way to attract attention. They should not be worn out of fame, pride, or vanity. The basic rule of modesty applies to all believers (men and women alike). The wisdom behind this dress code is to eliminate sexual enticement as much as possible.

Unfortunately, we are living in such a fashion culture, that it now has become more of an Undi-World culture. We see that many Muslims like to "show off" their back sides. Men walk around with their trousers/ jeans hanging so low, their underwear are exposed, having no concerns to self respect and dignity. Some Muslims wear such clothes as a status factor or a fashion statement but fail to realise the basic requirements in Islam.

It would be frowned upon by society if we saw our mothers, sisters or daughters expose their selves, yet our Muslim brothers wear revealing clothes and the society accepts it as fashion. It is astounding to think that these types of clothing are considered to be inappropriate when attending formal meetings/ interviews, yet the same clothes are seen in mosques where one stands in front of their Lord in Salah. It is imperative to understand that exposing the Aura during Salah is not only utterly disrespectful, but also nullifys your Salah.

The Holy Quran says "O Children of Adam! Undoubtedly, We have sent down to you a dress that may cover your shameful parts and that maybe an adornment to you. And the dress of righteousness, which is the best. This is one of Allah’s signs, that they maybe admonished." [Translation from Noor ul Irfan with Kanz-ul-Emaan , Vol 1, Surah Al-A'raaf (7), Ayah 26, Page 468]

Adhering to Islamic dress code, not only will we be following the commands of Allah (S.W.T), but also be protected from the evil whispers of Shaitaan. May Allah (S.W.T) give us all the ability to cover ourselves according to the guidelines set out by Islam.