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Ramadan 2014

Rent a Beard

Alhamdullillah the blessed month of Ramadan is here with us once again. Muslims all over the world turn to their religion with full force and conviction. Trying to act upon the teaching of Islam and overcoming the shortfalls within the previous months. Ramadan is an opportunity to leave the bad habits and sins behind, never to practice them again and a chance to seek forgiveness for past sins to be erased. The atmosphere is one of obedience, tolerance, peace and striving to do good.

Muslims Fast during the day, reciting the Holy Quran with regularity and paying extra attention to their Salah as well as Nafilly Ibadath (Optional Prayer). This is very good and should be carried on even after the month of Ramadan, and not just subjected to this month only.

One such act that many Muslims bring to an abrupt end and follow religiously in this month is the advertisement of the blessed beard. Muslims proudly highlight the fact that they are Muslims and they are proud of this fact. However this passion is short lived and as soon as the moon of Shawwal is seen and the announcement of Eid is made, out come the razor blades and the faces are attacked by them, leaving no visible sign of the blessed beard. Only to reappear the coming Ramadan. Do you think you gain extra reward for leaving your beard to grow during Ramadan and when it is over, shave it off again? Certainly not!

Shaving the beard is a foreign concept to Islam. It is practised religiously by the non Muslims all over the world. Unfortunately many Muslims have also fallen into following this shameful trend.

This year we urge you to read about the blessed beard, the reasoning behind keeping it and the rewards it carries and try to break the habit of removing it at the end of the month and make intension that you will be keeping it in accordance to the teaching of our beloved Prophet (S.A.W). For those who have taken the initial steps of keeping the beard but lack the confidence to go the next step of keeping it to the correct length. May Allah (S.W.T) give you the added strength to keep the full beard and not shy away from the length of the beard.

According to Imam Abu Hanifah (R.A) the beard should be a fist long from the chin, unless it does not naturally grow that long. However other Imams of Fiqh may hold a different opinion as to the length of the beard.

Invite all the brothers you are in regular contact with and who are not practicing this Sunnah, to practice it for the pleasure of pleasing Allah (S.W.T) and the Beloved Prophet (S.A.W). Encourage them not to be afraid of what other people will say but stay positive and constantly remind themselves of the rewards they will be reaping.