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Ramadan 2014

I’m Just Saying - Backbiting

Whether it be the young or old, rich or poor, Muslim communities at large are committing the severe sin of backbiting. Unfortunately some of our Islamic leaders/ representatives are also involved in such malpractice. These days none of our gatherings are devoid from this dreadful act of speaking ill against others because of peoples’ habit of gossip.

Many people, who appear to be devout, are also indulging in this grave sin. They are seen listening to, smiling at and nodding their heads in acceptance of backbiting. Since backbiting is so common, no one turns a deaf ear at the backbiter and in doing so also becomes a sinner and destined for punishment.

Due to ignorance, one may not understand the severity of such sin and carry on indulging in it without any consideration given to its effects and the destruction it causes. Compiled from Quranic verses, AHadith narrations and sayings of pious predecessors, take a glance at some of the things that backbiting results to and try to absorb as these may instil fear in your heart which becomes a cause for repentance:

Backbiting causes a faithless end; It severs the Faith; Erases the good deeds; It is worse than fornication and If backbiting is submerged in the ocean the whole ocean would smell foul. Backbiters will be made to eat the dead in Hell; It causes torment in the grave; Backbiting is like eating the carcass of your dead brother; Excessive backbiting is a major cause for ones’ supplications not being answered.

Prophet (S.A.W) has cautioned, “On Layla tul Miraj (the Night of Ascension), I came across such a nation that were scratching their faces and chests with nails made of copper. I asked, ‘Jibrael! Who are these people?’ He replied, ‘They used to eat the flesh of humans (backbiter) and would tarnish their reputation.’” (Sunan Dawud, Vol.4, page 353, Hadith 4878)

The Holy Prophet (S.A.W) once asked, “Do you know what backbiting is?” They (The blessed Companions (R.A)) answered, “Allah (S.W.T) and His Prophet (S.A.W) know best.” Then the beloved Prophet (S.A.W) explained, “Backbiting is that you talk about your brother in a matter which he would dislike”. One of the Companions (R.A) then asked, “What if that (fault) is found in him?”, He (S.A.W) replied, “If that statement you are making (about his fault) is found in him, you have in fact committed backbiting against him; whereas if that (fault) is not in him, then you have calumniated (falsely accused/slandered) him.” (Sahih Muslim page 1397, Hadith 2589)

Through backbiting, Shaitaan is aggressively dragging people towards the Hellfire. Break away from backbiting and other sinful conversations and indulge in the remembrance of Allah (S.W.T); recitation of the Holy Quran; learn and live life in accordance to the teachings of our beloved (S.A.W) and send salutations in abundance to the best of Creation (S.A.W).

May Allah (S.W.T) give us all the ability to repent; be pardoned for our sins; Stay away from backbiting and grant us refuge from the punishment. (Ameen)