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Ramadan 2016

Atraj or Utrujj (Lemon)

Lemon is one of those super foods with numerous health and cosmetic benefits. Lemon being a citrus fruit, it has the properties to fight against infection. It helps in the production of antibodies in blood which attacks the invading micro organism and prevents infection and therefore is a great natural preventative remedy.
The sour citrus is cold and dry, from which lemon juice is made, and is good for hot stomachs. It also strengthens and gladdens the heart, stimulates the appetite, quenches the thirst, satisfies hunger, cures diarrhoea and palpitations. It diminishes sorrow and the desolation of one self. It also removes ink stains from clothes, and freckles from the face. This shows the diverse benefits of using lemon.
The white, pithy matter of the citrus fruit is cold and wet and difficult to digest. It is bad for the stomach, and eating it results in colic. This should therefore be avoided when consuming fresh lemon.
The seed, peel, leaves and blossoms are hot and dry. The seeds contain the property of an antidote. If two Mithqals (Approx 8.5 grams) are ground up and put on the sting from a scorpion, this will be beneficial. If a few Mithqals are drunk, they will help to counteract all kinds of poisons.

The yellow peel is used to make citrus syrup. This is beneficial in cases of colic, stimulates the appetite, and also helps dissipates wind. The scent of citrus purifies pestilence and foul air, therefore working as a filtration.

It is reported in AHadith that Hazrate Aisha (R.A) use to treat blindness by feeding lemon dipped in honey.

It has been said of our beloved Prophet (S.A.W) that he liked to gaze upon a citrus fruit. He (S.A.W) said; “The citrus fruit is like a true believer, with a good taste, and a good scent.” (Bukhari Shareef)