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Ramadan 2016

Benefits of using Honey (Part 1)

Honey can be used to cure many illnesses, we have tried to provide how honey could be used in our daily lives to combat some of the illnesses below:-

For Burns : Apply freely over burns. It cools, removes pain and aids fast healing without scarring. Apart from being an ointment and antibiotic, bacteria cannot live in honey.

Bed Wetting : A teaspoon of honey before bed aids water retention and calms fears in children.

Sleeplessness : A dessert spoon of honey in a mug of hot milk aids sleep and works wonders!. Honey is a mild sedative with minerals, vitamins, amino acids etc. Replace all white sugar with honey. White sugar is highly stimulating with no food qualities!

Nasal Congestion : Place a dessert spoon of honey in a basin of hot water and inhale fumes after covering your head with a towel over the basin. Very effective.

Fatigue : Dissolve a desert spoon of honey in warm water or quarter honey balance of water in a jug and keep in the fridge. Honey is primarily fructose and glucose and so it is quickly absorbed by the digestive system. (Honey is a unique natural stabiliser- ancient Greek athletes took honey for stamina before competing and as a reviver after competition.)

Facial Deep Cleanser : Mix honey with oatmeal approx. 50/50 till thick and apply as a face-pack. Leave on for half an hour then wash off. Great as a deep cleanser for acne etc.

Migraine : Use a dessert spoon of honey dissolved in half a glass of warm water. Sip at start of attack. If necessary repeat in 20 minutes. Always effective as migraine is stress related.

Conjunctivitis (pus in the eye) : Honey dissolved in equal quantity of warm water. Apply, when cooled, as lotion or eye bath.