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Ramadan 2016

Improving General Health

We can benefit from the teachings of our Beloved Prophet (S.A.W) to improve our wellbeing. Here are some examples of how certain natural substances can be used to ease some common problems.

Hair Loss

Hazrat Imam al-Suyuti (R.A) writes that if coriander seeds are boiled in fat, they are good for treating baldness and warts. Also, if orange peel is boiled in olive oil, the mixture helps to cure scaly legs and hair loss.

Applying olive oil (as a balm) fortifies the hair, whereas Honey softens the hair, making it grow longer and beautifies it.

Dying with henna is also strongly encouraged. When used as a balm, it fortifies the hair and the limbs and delays old age. Mixing henna with Kutm (indigo leaf) also strengthens the hair.


If one suffer from cold headaches, he should sniff musk, amber, and coriander. He should also be given honey and avoid drinking cold water. Dying the head with henna protects a person from headaches.


The way to treat coughs is to take barley water, pomegranates prepared with almond oil, milky dishes and soft-boiled eggs. Eating or drinking anything cold, and anything that is acidic or salty should be avoided.

Liver pains and colic

Pain in the liver and colic is often caused by eating too much wind-producing foods, such as peas, lentils, dry beans and over-eating. The cure is to rub the liver area with rose oil.

Bladder and kidney problems

Water melon is good to remove stones in the kidney and bladder. Drinking olive oil also works quickly in removing stones in the kidney.