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Ramadan 2016

Treating Sciatica (Back Pain)

Sciatica is a pain caused by the entrapment of sciatic nerve. This typically starts from the hip/ buttocks down the back of the leg and possibly to the foot. The symptoms include a back pain, severe sharp shooting pain along the sciatic nerve. This can be debilitating and can result in numbness and weakness in the affected leg. Surgery may be the only option to relief the pain and that comes with its own problems.

It is reported from Hazrat Anas Ibn Malik (R.A) that beloved Prophet (S.A.W) said: “The cure of sciatica is the tail of a desert sheep molten and split into three parts, each is taken on an empty stomach for three consecutive days” (Ibn Majah) (Desert sheep: meaning sheep that graze in areas with grass growing naturally).

Modern science believe that fats play a fundamental role in pain relief and control of swelling as well as regeneration of tissues in the repair of damage to areas of the body. The desert sheep lives on natural herbs, rich in the omega 3 fats and from which scientists could extract up to 700 medicines. The beneficial oils obtained from these herbs are stored in the tail of a sheep.

It should be taken on an empty stomach, so that no other fats compete for absorption in the digestive tract to reduce the inflammations and the pain caused by sciatica.

It is also thought that stretching back and hamstring muscles also reduces sciatica pain. By performing Salah regularly with correct posture will allow these muscles to move and thus will relief sciatica pain too.

Modern science is now slowly catching up and acknowledging the blessing in the teachings of our Beloved Prophet (S.A.W). Not only is it a natural remedy, it also is a lot cheaper than using many medications to compensate.

By performing our Salah daily we would not only fulfil our compulsory prayers but also it will improve our health.