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Ramadan 2016


Water is essential for maintaining health, personal cleanliness, and general hygiene, and it is also indispensable to agriculture and industry. It is one of main components that is present in every living thing, as it forms the basis of all bodily fluids, including blood, spinal fluid, saliva, and joint lubricant. 

Our beloved Prophet (S.A.W) said the best drink in this world & the next is Water. When you are thirsty drink it by sips and not gulps. Gulping produces sickness of the liver. 

It is mentioned in the Holy Quran; “...And We originated (the life of) living organism (on earth) from water. So do they not accept faith (even after learning these facts brought forth by the Qur’an)?”

It is important to acknowledge that the water is not only one of the great blessings from Allah (S.W.T), but also it forms an integral part of Islam. Water is not only used as a source for growth and sustenance, but also main source for purification.

We are required to perform Wuzu and Ghusl (ablution rituals) before prayer throughout the day. With descriptions of paradise mentioning adorned gardens wherein rivers flow, we know that water will also benefit us in the afterlife, thus reinforcing its importance to mankind.

Allah (S.W.T) mentions “Well, give your view: the water that you drink — Have you sent it down from the cloud or are We its Sender ? If We will, We can make it bitter. Then why do you not give thanks? (Qur’an 56: 68-70)

The Sunnah way of drinking water is to sit down and drink thrice, as stated by Hazrat Ibn 'Abbas (R.A) who narrates from the Messenger of Allah (S.A.W) that,
'Do not drink water in one breath like a camel. However, drink it in two or three breaths. Say 'Bismillah' and when you move the glass, praise Allah (The Exalted) by saying 'Alhamdulillah.''

Zam Zam water is the miracle of Hazrat Ismaeel (A.S), and It is mention by many great scholars that Zam Zam water is the best and nobles of all waters, the highest in status, the dearest to people, the most precious and valuable to them. It was produced by the rubbing of blessed heals of Hazrat Ismaeel (A.S) on the ground, and it possesses many benefits.

It is narrated by Hazrat Abu Dhar (R.A) that Holy Prophet (S.A.W) said “It is a blessing, and it is food that satisfies.”