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Ramadan 2016

Miswak and Science (Part 2)

Miswak was something that has been used for centuries in place of the toothbrush, not only providing a spiritual benefit, but also benefiting everyday maintenance of the mouth, gums and teeth.

Miswak has around 20 beneficial ingredients in it, of which some are listed below;

Antibacterial acidic inhibitors that fight decay and diarrhoea. They are natural disinfectants and can be used to stop bleeding. They disinfect the gums and teeth and close any microscopic cuts that may have existed in the gums.

On first usage, some Miswaks may taste slightly harsh and may even burn, because of a mustard like substance found in it, but this is the ingredient that fights decay in the mouth and kills germs.

2) Minerals such as sodium chloride, potassium, sodium bicarbonate and calcium oxides clean the teeth. All toothpastes contain these minerals in their ingredients as stated by American Dental Association.

3) Natural scented oils that taste and smell nice, give the mouth fresh smell. They make up about 1% of the Miswak.

Enzymes that prevent the build-up of plaque that causes gum disease. Plaque is also the number one cause of premature loss of teeth.

5) Anti decay and anti germ ingredients that act similar to penicillin. They reduce and remove the amount of bacteria present in the mouth, which means cleaner teeth and cleaner air when breathing through the mouth.

Every practice of the Prophet (S.A.W) has so many benefits, Alhamdulillah. The Sunnah is an important preventive health measure which essentially reduce diseases in an individual.

If people realised the benefits of following the Sunnah and practised them in the correct manner with the correct intention, not only will Allah (S.W.T) and the Prophet (S.A.W) be pleased with them, but we will benefit from a healthier life.