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Ramadan 2015

Blessed wealth

A man had four sons. When he fell severely ill, one of the sons addressed the others and said, 'I request one of you to nurse our father and thus deprive himself of his inheritance. If no one volunteers, then I myself will nurse him and deprive myself of the inheritance'. His brothers suggested that he himself should nurse their father. Hence, the son looked after the father but he soon died. The other three sons became the rightful heirs of his wealth and divided it accordingly.

One day, the son saw his father in a dream. He ordered him to go to a particular place, where he would gain 100 Dinars. The son asked the father whether there was any blessing in this money. The father replied that there wasn't. In the morning, the son told his wife about the dream.

After listening attentively, the wife urged her husband to seek the 100 Dinars, since they could at least buy food and clothing with the money. But he did not listen to his wife. The next night, he saw a similar dream where his father directed him to a place where he could attain 10 Dinars, and again he rejected it.

On the third night, he saw the same dream, but this time his father directed him to a place where he could attain 1 Dinar, but there was blessing in this money. In the morning, the son went to that place and gained 1 Dinar.

He went to the Bazaar with the 1 Dinar, and met someone who was selling two fish for that price. Hence he purchased the fish. When he arrived home, he cut the fish open and found a precious pearl in each one. The pearl was unique and had never been seen by a human eye before.

Coincidentally, the King of the time was in need of an expensive pearl. Only the son possessed such a pearl that met the exact requirements of the king. So the King purchased the precious pearl from him. Upon taking ownership of the pearl, he felt that he needed a second one for matching purposes. Thus he ordered his ministers to find a similar pearl for which he would pay double its price. The ministers approached the son and asked if he had a similar pearl, for which they would be willing to pay double the original price. The son sold them the pearl and in the process, became very rich and wealthy.


To care for parents is a great virtue, from which countless blessings emerge. In the story, the son preferred to care for his father than to seek worldly gain. As a result, Allah (S.W.T) showered him with wealth in this world and will provide an immense reward for him in the hereafter. Inshallah.

We should prefer pure, Halal and blessed wealth, even if it is only a small amount. Impure and illegitimate wealth must be avoided, even if it is a large amount. The son rejected the 100 Dinars and accepted the blessed 1 Dinar. As a result, Allah (S.W.T) granted him wealth beyond his imagination.