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Ramadan 2015


Thakbeer-e-Thahreema (also called Thakbeer-e-Aula) is to say Allah Hu Akbar when beginning Salah. This is one of the Fard of Salah (Obligatory).

When beginning Salah, men raise both hands. Tips of thumbs touch earlobes. Palms must be turned towards the Qiblah. Recitation of Allah Hu Akbar begins whilst touching the earlobes and finishes as hands are folded under the navel.

The hands should fold in such a way that the right palm is over the top of the left wrist and the middle three fingers over the back of the left wrist. Wrap the thumb and the smaller finger around the left wrist. The eyes should be focused on the area where one is intending to prostrate (Sajjdah).

Females should raise their hands as high as the shoulders (palms facing towards Qiblah), recite Thakbeer-e-Aula, and place hands on their chest (right hand on the left hand).

Few simple rules to be mindful of;

  • Allah Hu Akbar cannot be replaced by any other word.
  • If the Thakbeer is stretched too long, for example; Aallaaah in the beginning or Akbaaar at the end, Salah will not be accepted.
  • In congregation (Jamaat), if 'Thakbeer' is said before the Imam says the Thakbeer, Salah will not have started, thus nullified.
  • If someone is not able to pronounce the Thakbeer due to loss of the faculty of speech then that person may make intention in heart and that will be sufficient for such person.