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Ramadan 2015

Hazrat Luqman (A.S)
Hazrat Luqman
(A.S) was once someone's slave. Due to his wisdom, intelligence and unblemished character, the master was fascinated by him. When the master would eat anything, he would first offer it to Hazrat Luqman (A.S) and then eat the leftover. In fact, he was not ashamed by this but rather would remark with great pride that he consumed the leftover food of Hazrat Luqman (A.S).
Once a person gave the master a melon. Hazrat Luqman
(A.S) was not present at the time, so he sent a servant to call him. When he appeared, the master cut the melon and presented it to Hazrat Luqman (A.S). Hazrat Luqman (A.S) showed great eagerness and so the master gave him the entire melon to eat, bar one piece. The master placed the final piece in his mouth.
He immediately spat it out because it was so sour. The master asked Hazrat
(A.S) how he had managed to eat the sour melon without complaint.
Hazrat Luqman
(A.S) replied: 'O Master! You happily offered me the melon and I felt ashamed to decline it. Moreover, I thought that I shouldn't complain over one sour melon, when you have blessed me with countless blessings and granted
me so much comfort. If I did, then this would be being unthankful and ungrateful.’


Hazrat Luqman (A.S)’s actions in this story constitute an important lesson for us all. It teaches us a principle that many of us are neglectful of, and it entices us to awake from this neglect, and also rectify our attitude. This principle is that Almighty Allah - Our Creator and Master has showered us with countless
blessings. He has granted us life, given us good health and cared for all our needs. When we come across the smallest of problems, we tend to overlook all these bounties and blessings and begin complaining.

Our attitude is the same with fellow humans who show favour upon us. For
instance, our parents suffer great hardship and exert extensive effort to fulfil our needs and to provide us with comfort. However when they do not fulfil just one
of our demands or make a remark we dislike, then we tend to forget their
countless sacrifices and show discontent towards them.

Our teachers bless us with the light of knowledge. They illuminate our hearts
with lanterns of guidance and help us to radiate our futures. But as soon as they
rebuke us in the slightest manner, we cannot tolerate it. Let us break the shackles of this evil trait, and free ourselves from such ingratitude.