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Ramadan 2015

Refraining from Haram

A man from Basra was famous by the name of Miski (taken from the word 'Musk') because he always smelt so beautiful. When he was asked to explain why a nice fragrance always emitted from him, he told his story…

'I was very handsome in my young age, though very shy and reserved. My parents were advised to reverse this shyness by allowing me to sit at a shop in the Bazaar. By meeting and mixing with people, I would then lose my shyness. So, my father appointed me to a clothes shop in the Bazaar.

One day, an old woman came to the shop and suggested I go to her female master's house, who would most certainly purchase quality clothes from me. Thus, I went to her house and she was seated outside the house. As I entered the house, the door was bolted and locked. She was a beautiful lady and demanded that I commit adultery with her. I tried to persuade her that adultery was forbidden and was the path to Hell but she would not listen.

To escape this situation, I thought of an excuse. I told her I needed to go the bathroom. Whilst in there, I covered myself in dirt and excrement. As I came out, she saw me and let me leave, thinking that I was insane to wipe myself with dirt. Hence, it was through this act Allah (S.W.T) saved me from the crime of adultery.

That very night, Hazrat Jibrael (A.S) appeared in my dream. He congratulated me and said that I had acted just like Hazrat Yusuf (A.S). He wiped his hand over me, and since then, a beautiful fragrance emits from my body. This is the blessed result of my piety and determination to abhor evil.’


The story describes a young man of great piety, conviction, character and
(S.W.T) fearing. It was for this reason Allah (S.W.T) rewarded him immensely. We frequently apply expensive perfumes to our bodies. In reality, the best perfume we can apply to our bodies is good character, whose fragrance never decreases. This young man may have lived many centuries ago, but his story and actions still fragrance our own lives. May Allah (S.W.T) grant us with piety in our youth. Ameen.