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Ramadan 2015

Ruku (Bowing):

After completing Qiyaam, say Allah Hu Akbar and bend the torso (upper body), keeping your legs straight in Ruku.

  • In Ruku, men are required to place their hands on their knees (keeping fingers slightly apart). Whist in the bowing position, back and head should be levelled. The arms and legs must be straight and then recite, Thasbi thrice.
  • Females are required to keep their fingers closed and palms need to touch their knees. Their back and head must not be levelled like men rather their backs should be arched. There should be minimum movement between Qiyaam and Ruku.
  • If Salah is being said in a congregation (Jammat), only the Imam should say Tasmee' whilst rising up from Ruku position. Mukthadi (person praying behind the Imam) should only recite Tahmeed.
  • If a person is praying alone then both Tasmee' and Tahmeed should be recited.
  • If the Imam raises his head before you have read Thasbi three times you must stop reading and raise your head too. You must not wait to complete the recitation thrice.
  • During Jammat, it is Makrooh (disliked) for one to perform any action before the Imam.

Thasbi-e-Ruku (glorifying Allah (S.W.T) while bowing down):

Subhaana Rab-biyal 'Azeem.

“How glorious is my Lord, the Greatest!.”

  • Thasbi-e-Ruku is recited quietly by everyone.