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Ramadan 2015

Qiyaam (To Stand):

When standing, It is Sunnah to place the feet approximately four to five toes apart.

  • When praying Salah in congregation (behind an Imam), one should stand silent after reciting Sanaa, Thaooz, Tasmiyah and listen to the recitation from the Quran by the lmam.
  • If praying alone one should recite the Sanaa, Thaooz, Tasmiyah, Surah Fathiha, and any other part of the Holy Quran (minimum of three Ayahs).
  • A person who is unable to stand due to Uzzr (illness or other valid reason) can perform Salah in the sitting position.

Sanaa (Glorification):

Subhanna kal-Laahum-ma Wa-Bihamdika Wa Tabaara kas muka Wa Ta'Aalaa Jad duka Wa Laa ilaaha Ghaieruk

"All glory be to You, O Allah! Praise be to You, Blessed is Your name and Exalted is Your Majesty; and there is no one worthy of worship except You"

Thaooz (To Seek Protection):

A'oozu Bil-Laahi Minash Shaietaa nir-Rajeem

"I seek refuge with Allah from Shaitaan, the accursed"

Tasmiyah (To Utter the name of Allah (S.W.T)):


“I begin in Allah’s name, who is the Most Compassionate, the Most