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Ramadan 2015

Performing Salah

Before saying Salah the following six pre-conditions must be met:

  1. Taharat (Purity), i.e. Performing of Wudu. However If Ghusl is Fard on you then Ghusl has to be performed.

  2. Place where Salah is to be performed has to be clean and pure. The surface has to be firm.

  3. Satr (Covering of the body), For males it is compulsory to cover the area from navel to knees, inclusive. As for females it consists of the whole body, except face, hands and feet;

  4. Istiqbaal-e-Qiblah (Facing towards Holy Kaaba).

  5. Waqt (Timing), Salah is performed at its designated time.

  6. Niyyat (Intention), To be aware as to which Salah you are reading, the type of Rakats you are reading and that you know if you are reading on your own or with Jamaat.

Niyyat (Intention)

One should stand facing towards the Qiblah, keeping the feet approximately four or five toes apart, and make the intention of performing the Salah.

It is desirable to declare the intention verbally. For example, one should say: "I intend to read four Rakats of obligatory (Fard) or Sunnah Prayer of Zuhr, for the sake of Allah Almighty, and I am facing the Kaaba Shareef." If reading behind an Imam (leader of the Salah), one should say, 'I do so behind this Imam.'

This leads to the seven Faraid of Salah:

  1. Thakbeer-e-Thahreema (To say Allah Hu Akbar)

  2. Qiyaam (Standing)

  3. Qiraat (Recitation of Quran)

  4. Ruku (To bow)

  5. Sajjdah (Prostration)

  6. Qa'dah-e-Akhira (Last Sitting)

  7. Salam (Ending Salah with Salam)