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Ramadan 2015

Tasmee' (Listening):

Sami 'Al-Laa-hu-liman Hamidah.

"Allah has listened to him who has praised Him."

Qauma (Standing upright after bowing down):

  • After saying Tasmee let your hands remain on the sides and
    resume the standing position. 
  • When praying alone or upon hearing the Imam recite Tasmee
    (if with Jamaat), you must say Tahmeed, whilst in standing position.

Tahmeed (Praise):

Rab-banaa Lakal Hamd.

"O our Lord! All praise is due to You alone."

Sajjdah (Prostration):

After, saying Allah Hu Akbar, one should do Sajjdah (prostrate) in the following manner:

  • First put the knees firmly on the ground and then both hands. Placing the face between the hands, the nose should touch the ground and then the forehead.
  • Fingers must be pointing towards the Qiblah and the head must be between hands in line with the ears.
  • Males should keep their arms away from the sides. The stomach should not touch the thighs and the bottom should be raised slightly so the hamstrings doesn't touch their calf’s. The elbows should be raised from the ground. It is mentioned in AHadith that the Holy Prophet (S.A.W) would prostrate in such a way that if a baby goat wanted to pass through his arms, it could easily do so.