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Ramadan 2015

Reap what you sow

It is reported that a man from Balakh ordered his servant to sow wheat. Instead of sowing seeds of wheat in the fields, he sowed barley seeds. When the crops grew, barley was obviously the product.

The man called the servant and said, 'Did I order you to grow wheat or barley?'

The servant replied: 'You told me to sow wheat but I sowed barley. I thought that the crops of barley would also produce wheat.’

The master said, 'Are you crazy? Has wheat ever grown from barley seeds?'

The servant replied: 'O master! If barley has never been produced from wheat, then how can Paradise be attained through sinful behaviour? On the one hand, you commit sin day and night, and on the other you expect Allah (S.W.T) to grant you Paradise and make you worthy of His mercy. '

'He who constantly indulges in evil and never performs good, will find his end outcome is evil and unpleasant.'


Through a simple example, this story explains an important reality; that the product of good is good and the product of evil is evil.

The student who studies with interest, hard work and revises well for his exams will pass with good results. The student who wastes his time in useless endeavours and refuses to revise will fail his exams disgracefully.

If we act unjustly, then we can expect similar outcomes and likewise, if we are fair and equal then we will yield good results. Justice does not originate from injustice and vice versa.

The results of sin and disobedience are destruction and loss. The result of Allah (S.W.T)’s obedience and righteousness are success, a respectful and tranquil life in this world, as well as a place in Paradise in the hereafter.