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Ramadan 2015

Sajjdah (continued....)

  • The method of Sajjdah is to place the nose and forehead on a clean surface. It is Makrooh (disliked) to put only the forehead on the ground. The nose should be pressured enough so that the bone of nose feels the ground. It’s very important to keep this in mind when performing Salah on a soft carpet.
  • Both feet should be planted firmly on the ground. It is Sunnah to bend the toes and turn them towards the Qiblah. It is Fard to have at least one toe on the ground. Salah will be void if both the feet are lifted off the ground whilst in the Sajjdah position.

Women must perform Sajjdah in this manner;

  • Females need to put all the body to the ground in such manner that all the body parts are not exposed. The torso need to be over the thighs. Hips touching the ground. Forearms and palms need to be placed on the mat close to the body.
  • The nose needs to touch the ground before the forehead. Both feet and ankles pointing towards the right.
  • Females need to be mindful that every action which is undertaken during Salah need to be performed in a manner which is not exposing the Aura.

Whilst prostrating, Thasbi-e-Sajjdah is recited three times.

Thasbi-e-Sajjdah: (Glorifying Allah (S.W.T) while in prostration):

Subhaana Rab-biyal A'laa.

"Glorified is my Lord, the Most High."

It is worth emphasising that you should take a sufficient pause (long enough to recite Rabigh Fir Li, 3 times), whilst sitting between the two Sajjday in the Jalsa position.

This is one complete cycle of Salah (Rakat). One needs to say Allah Hu Akbar (once Thasbi-e-Sajjdah has been recited thrice) and stand straight up to Qiyaam position and continue the cycle.

  • During the second Rakat, after reciting Thashahud, stand up again saying Allah Hu Akbar to complete the 3rd and/or 4th Rakat.
  • During the 3rd Rakat of Witr Salah after Qiraat, say Allah Hu Akbar and raise both hand to Thakbeer-e-Thahreema position, folding the hands back to Qiyaam position. Recite Dua-e-Qanooth and say Allah Hu Akbar, before going into Ruku.

After the final Sajjdah had been completed one needs to perform Qa’dah-e-Akhira: (Last Sitting).