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Ramadan 2005 (30 Days 30 Topics)



Hajj is the Fifth Pillar of Islam.

It is obligatory on every Muslim to perform it at least once in their lifetime, if they are physically and financially able.

Allah says ".....And Hajj to the House (Ka'bah) is a duty that mankind owes to Allah, those who can afford the expenses...." (Surah Al-Imran, 3:97)

Hajj is the largest gathering of Muslims from around the world. It is a unifying process showing the brotherhood of man within Islam and their worship of the one and only God – Allah (S.W.T).

This week-long event occurs Two Months and Ten Days after Ramadan end, during the Islamic month of Dhu-al-Hijjah.

Pilgrims wearing Ihram gather on the plains of Arafat. This is a reminder that all mankind will one day gather on the Day of Judgement when they will be presented to Allah (S.W.T).

They will stand equal before Allah (S.W.T) except in the degree of piety and righteousness.

Hajj symbolises devotion to Allah (S.W.T) and obedience of His Commands.

 There are 3 types of Hajj,

  • Hajj Al- Qiran 
  • Hajj Al- Ifrad
  • Hajj Al- Tammattu

It is a Hadith of the Prophet (S.A.W) that: “Hajj wipes out whatever (Sins) came before it.”