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Ramadan 2005 (30 Days 30 Topics)



There are 4 Farz and 18 Sunnah in performing Wuzu.  

The 4 Farz are :

  • To wash both hands and arms up to the elbows.
  • To wash the whole face (From forehead to chin and from ear to ear).
  • Performing the Massah (Running wet hands over the head).
  • Washing both feet up to the ankles.

Please note :  Before you can start on the farz  it is important that the istinja (Cleaning of private parts) is done. If any one of these farz is missed the Wuzu will not be valid.

Some of the things that break Wuzu are :

  • To pass wind , excrete or pass urine.
  • For anything to come out of the urinal or anal passage.
  • For blood or puss to come out and flow from a part of the body.
  • To vomit (a mouthful), food, water, or mucus.
  • To sleep in such a way that the joints of the body become loose.
  • To fall unconscious, to faint or become mentally disabled.

The Prophet (S.A.W) has said,

Whilst performing wuzu recite “Bismillahi Wal Hamdulillah ” because as long as you are in state of Wuzu, the Angels (Kiraman Katibeen) will continue to write good deeds in your name.