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Ramadan 2005 (30 Days 30 Topics)



Muhammad Bin Idris (R.A) was the Third Imaam of Fiqh.

First Pillar of Islam is to make Shahadah (Declaration of Faith).

To become a Muslim you have to believe in the heart and declare:

Ashhadhuan la illaha  illallaahu, wahdahu la shareekalahu wa ashhadu anna Muhammadan abdahu wa Rasullu

The Shahadah has Two Parts.

First Part:

To believe that Allah (S.W.T) is the only Lord and Ruler, and He (S.W.T) Alone is worthy of Worship. He (S.W.T) has No Partner, and He (S.W.T) cannot be compared with Anything. Everything in the Universe is under His (S.W.T) Control and Command.

Second Part:

To believe that Muhammad (S.A.W) is the Messenger of Allah (S.W.T). To show the utmost respect to Him (S.A.W) and to follow His (S.A.W) teachings without any hesitation.

When hearing the Blessed name of the Prophet (S.A.W) you should send Darood upon Him (S.A.W).   

Allah Says I will grant the one who sends Darood : 10 Blessings, Raised his/her status 10 times and forgive 10 of their Sins.