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Ramadan 2005 (30 Days 30 Topics)



There are 3 Farz and 7 Sunnah in performing Ghusl

The 3 Farz are :

  • To wash the inside of the mouth with water as it should reach all the parts internally. From lips to the base of throat.
  • To rinse the nostrils up to the soft bone, making sure every hair is wet.
  • To wash the body once from top of head to bottom of feet. Every strand of hair and skin of the body must get wet.

Please note : Before you can start on the farz  it is important that the istinja (Cleaning of private parts ) is done. If any one of these farz is missed the Ghusl will not be valid.

Things that break Ghusl are:

  • Wet dream with semen discharge.
  • Having sexual intercourse.
  • Release of sperm with pleasure. If jumped from a higher place or lifted heavier stuff which caused sperm to discharge, Ghusl is not Wajib but the Wuzu will break.
  • Haiz (monthly period for women).
  • Nafaas ( The release of blood after a woman gives birth)

Sayyidah Aisha (R.A) narrates the Hadith of the Prophet (S.A.W) :“ The Religion is based on cleanliness”