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Ramadan 2005 (30 Days 30 Topics)


Imaam Abu Hanifa (R.A)

Nu’maan Bin Thaabit (R.A) was the First Imaam of Fiqh. His name was Abu Hanifa and title include “Imaam e Azam”. He was born in Iraq in 80 AH (699AD).

Imaam e Azam (R.A) met the companions of the Prophet (S.A.W) and is counted amongst the rank of “Tabii” (name given to a person who has seen a Sahabi).

Imaam e Azam Abu Hanifa (R.A) was renowned for his sharp mind, discipline and integrity of character.

He was the first who compiled and classified 'ilm al-fiqh, and He (R.A) gathered information for each branch of knowledge.

More than half of the Muslims on this earth today, follow the Hanafi School.

  • Imaam e Azam (R.A) performed Hajj Fifty-Five Times.

During His (R.A) last Hajj, he went into the Kaaba, and prayed Two Rakats, reciting the Whole Quran during the prayer. Then, weeping, he invoked, "O my Allah I have not been able to worship you in a manner worthy of you. Please forgive the defects in my service”.

At that moment a voice was heard, "O Abu Hanifa! You have acknowledged Me very well and have served Me beautifully. I have forgiven you and those who will be in your Madhab and follow you until the end of the world."

Imam e Azam (R.A) passed away in 150 AH in Baghdad. His Janazah Prayer was offered 6 times. In the first, congregation 50,000 people participated.

He was so popular that the people kept on offering the Janazah prayer for 20 days after his death.