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Ramadan 2005 (30 Days 30 Topics)


Imaam Shafi (R.A)

Muhammad Bin Idris (R.A) was the Third Imaam of Fiqh.

He was famously known as “Imaam Shafi”. He was born in Gaza, Syria in 150 AH.

The lineage of Imaam Shafi (R.A) joined with our Beloved Prophet Mohammed (S.A.W) at the 7th Step, this being the Hashimi family of Quaraish.

Imaam Shafi (R.A) possessed a very sharp memory.

He became Hafiz of Quran at the age of 7, and at the age of 13 memorized the whole of KITABUL-MUATTA of Imam Malik (R.A).

He was 20 year old when he went to Medina Shareef and became a student of Imam Malik (R.A).

He also came into contact with about 81 Sheikhs from whom he acquired the knowledge of the Quran and Hadith.

Baghdad and Cairo  were the leading centres of Imaam Shafi's (R.A) activities. It is from these two cities that teachings of the Shafi School spread.

Imaam Shafi (R.A) was an extremely generous personality who on numerous occasions gave away all he possessed to the poor and needy.

He never swallowed an unlawful piece of food in his entire life. He never at any time performed Jumma without Ghusal.

Imaam Ghazali (R.A) has quoted Imaam Shafi (R.A) as saying: "I haven’t taken food with satisfaction for the last 16 years, as a full stomach makes the body heavy, makes the heart hard, increases sleep and renders a man lazy for Worship".

Imaam Shafi (R.A) passed away in the Year 204 AH and was buried in Egypt.