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Ramadan 2005 (30 Days 30 Topics)



Jannah is a very large and beautiful place.

  • Its walls have been made of bricks of gold and silver and its cement is made of musk.
  • The ground is made of saffron and ambergris (a wax-like substance).
  • Instead of gravel, there will be diamonds and pearls.
  • There are huge mansions made of pearls, diamonds and beautiful jewellery.
  • There will be various types of fruits, milk, wine (sweet smelling, non-alcoholic), honey and other delicious types of food for the Jannaties.
  • No one will suffer any trouble, difficulty, hardships or suffering but will receive all kinds of comfort in Jannah.
  • Every wish, request and desire will be fulfilled in Jannah.
  • There are 100 ranks in Jannah.
  • Each rank is as large in breadth as the sky to the ground.
  • Its doors are so wide, that a fast horse would have to run seventy years to get from one side to another.
  • The greatest Ne'mat (blessing) in Jannah is to make Didaar (See) of Allah (S.W.T).

Allah (S.W.T) says in the Quran that “Therein will be thrones raised on high, goblets placed (ready), cushions set in rows and rich carpets spread out.

Prophet (S.A.W) has said “If anyone among you performs the ablution (wuzu), completes it well and then recites the Kalima, then all eight gates of Paradise will be opened for him and he may enter by whichever of them he wishes”.