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Ramadan 2006 (Sunnah : The Perfect Example)


Sunnah of Travel (Part 2)

Dua when you stop at a place:

When stopping at a place whilst travelling, one should read:

“A’oozu Bikalimaa Tillahet Taammaati Min Sharri Maa Khalaq”.

 Meaning: ‘I seek refuge in the perfect words of Almighty Allah from evils of which he has created’.

As long as the person who utters these words remains at that place, nothing (from that place) shall cause him harm.

Qasr Namaz:

When a person is travelling (approximately more than 54.5 miles),‘ Qasr’ (reduced) Namaz is necessary.

This means that for the four farz of Zuhr, Asr and Isha, you will only read two. No Qasr is read for Fajr, Magrib, and Witr in Isha (i.e. you will need to read two farz for Fajr, three farz for Magrib, and three Witr for Isha).  

If a traveller made the intention of staying at a destination for more than 15 days, then the Qasr Namaz rule doesn’t imply i.e. read Namaz as normal.

Hazrat Ya'la ibn Umaiyyah (R.A) said: "I said to 'Umar ibn al-Khattab (R.A): 'Explain to me why the people shorten the Salah when Allah says, 'And when you go forth... [the preceding verse] and those days are gone now!'
'Umar said: 'I wondered about that too and I mentioned that to the Prophet (S.A.W) and He said: "This is a charity that Allah, the Exalted has bestowed upon you, so accept His charity.'

Manners of travelling:

  • Take permission from your parents before travelling.

  • Return home as soon as you have completed your work.

  • Avoid travelling alone.

  • It is Haraam to set out on a journey after Jummah Adhan and before Jummah Salaat.

  • Holy Prophet (S.A.W) preferred a Thursday for commencing the journey.