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Ramadan 2006 (Sunnah : The Perfect Example)


Sunnah of Visiting the Sick (Part 1)

There are great rewards in visiting the sick. Holy Prophet (S.A.W) has said, “Whoever visits a sick person in the morning then seventy thousand angels shall invoke mercy on the visitor until the evening. And whosoever visits a sick person in the evening then seventy thousand angels shall make supplication for mercy upon the visitor until the morning and he shall also have a garden in Paradise”. (Bukhari)

Dua for the patient:

“Asalullahal A’dheema Rabbal A’r-shil A’dheemi Aa-Yashfiaka”.

(I ask Almighty Allah the great, who is the Rabb of the great throne to give you shifa (cure)).

Cure from illness:

Holy Prophet (S.A.W) has said, “Whenever a Muslim visits a Muslim patient and reads the above supplication (Dua) seven times then the patient will definitely recover from his illness, except such illness which shall result in death”. (Abu Dawood)

He who recites YA SALAMU (The source of peace) frequently will be free from calamities. By reciting this name 115 times to a sick person, Allah (S.W.T) will heal him.

Manners of visiting the sick:

  • When visiting the sick one should first greet them and then enquire about their health.

  • One should not visit the sick for a long period.

  • Always encourage the sick person and be careful not to speak of things that may cause them despair and lose hope.

  • One should say the following when in the presence of the patient ‘Do not be afraid, if Almighty Allah wills, this will be compensation for ones sins’.

  • If possible take a gift down for the patient and if need be, assist financially.