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Ramadan 2006 (Sunnah : The Perfect Example)


Sunnah of Entering the Mosque (Part 2)

Making the intention of Sunnah E’tikaaf:
After reciting the Dua for entering the mosque, make a habit of reciting the Dua of Sunnah E’tikaaf.

‘Nawaytu Sunnatal E’takaaf ’
Meaning: (I have the intention of Sunnah E’tikaaf)

The benefit of this is that, whilst you stay in the mosque, you receive the Sawaab of E’tikaaf.

Dua for Leaving the Mosque:
Whilst leaving the mosque, one should step out with left foot and read the following Dua:

‘Allah-Humma Innee As-aluka Min Fadlik’

Meaning: (O Allah verily I seek from you your bounties)

Manners of entering the Mosque:

  • Enter the mosque with your right foot, recite the Dua, and then remove the left shoe first.
  • Try to sit in the first row, behind or nearest to the Imam. If a place is not available, then sit in the second row and so on. Do not sit in the back row when there is space at the front.
  • Do not indulge in worldly talk, except out of extreme necessity.
  • One should answer the Azaan by repeating the words of Muazzin (person calling the Azaan).
  • Every Namaz should be read with humility, sincerity, dedication, and devotion as if it was ones last Namaz.
  • One should recite the Dua of E’tikaaf, if wanting to eat in the Jamaat Khana (prayer hall), as it is Makrooh to eat in prayer hall.
  • When leaving the mosque, one should wear the right shoe first, step out with left foot, and then recite the Dua.